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Why Universal Post Caps?

MDSolutions' exclusive Universal Post Caps - The name says it all!

Universal Caps meet the requirements of both Square and Round Post users. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on to the list of advantages this product offers:

  • Reduced Inventory - No need to carry both Round and Square Caps anymore, in limited storage space.
  • Better Cash Flow – Reduced Inventory results in better cash flow. With most favorable inventory planning now, liquid assets do not have to be locked into storing both Round and Square Post Caps. Simply stock Universal instead and free up some cash.
  • Flexibility – Universal Cap fits just right on both Round and Square Posts thus offering the increased flexibility.
  • Adaptability – With changing orders, you do not have to replace Round Caps with Square Caps (or vice versa). Your Post types may change, but your Caps don’t have to.
  • Quality - The same high quality standards that we set into all our products follow these brackets as well. Universal Caps also are similar in appearance to the clean look of our Square Caps.
  • Added Value, Same Price - Our Universal Caps cost the same per unit as our Round or Square Caps of similar sizes. No paying a premium for these additional benefits!

Bottom Inside View

How the Cap Fits on Square or Round Posts

Universal caps are available in a wide range of sizes - from traditional 5 1/2" and 12 " brackets to the brand new 18" and 24" sizes, providing increased stability and support for larger signs (42" and above).